Paper collages, 2018

One of the recurrences in my works is the use of the fragment, therefore something pre-existing, to which it happened or was forced by me to lose its original context.

The fragment comes from the loss or destruction of a previous order, it is the orphan deprived of its context, to which the work tries to provide a new one. It has to deal with the past, because the fragment always retains in itself, as presence-absence, the ghost of the context it has lost.

A memory emanates from it, but a fallacious memory, like the one that makes us remember a detail in a very precise way, leaving the rest confused, opaque, and which can be reinvented, expanded, finding new contexts and sets of meaning.

The fragment also contains the uncertain future of forms and belonging that still do not appear definitive, which nevertheless  begin to manifest themselves, like an animal immortalized in the middle of its moult, thus giving results that are rarely completely figurative, when not abstract.

Here is an excerpt from a series of paper collages inspired by Thoreau's Walden.
Nature is another recurring theme of my research. At the bottom of my work there is an interest in reflecting on aspects that, from a psychological and symbolic point of view, continue, beyond the social and technological transformations we experience, to remain there, intact over the centuries, to be present, albeit more or less silently, to act on our lives.

I am interested in aspects that may seem marginal, small, residual, but which, inevitably, as we go on, whether or not it takes the form of progress, continue stubborn, often mute, to be there, and to act silently on our lives, on our our way of feeling and relating to the world.


Paper collages, 2016