Deep Through

Textile masks, ongoing

Masks were my very first work with textiles, which would later become an important language in my production.

Textiles, more than my photographic or collage works, are for me the way to express  intimate and emotional contents.

I have been making masks since 2014, using different materials and techniques.

Masks are my best self-portraits.

Studies on texts

2013 - ongoing

Works that, through different media and made in different years, investigate texts.

These works touch on numerous and different timeless issues, both philosophical and conceptual, such as the aesthetic dimension of communication and the dynamics between the expressable and the inexpressible.

Some of these works reflect on what a text is. The textual form is so deep-rooted in us that we recognize as a text even what are simply organized signs. We spontaneously try to read, to decipher.

Others, more recent, are the result of my growing interest in geometric patterns and their presence in the history of man, and transform the conventional signs of written language, in this case poems, into shapes and colors.

Cotton thread on paper
Cross-stitch on cotton
Pastels on paper
Watercolours on paper

The Soft Hand

The Soft hand is a crochet sculpture in kasmerino wool, 170x55 cm.

Textiles, more than my photographic or collage works, are for me the vehicle to express more intimate and emotional contents.

This hand is feminine: in the colors, white and pink, in being warm and soft, comforting, caring, emotional, all characteristics associated with women. Yet her being out of her measure makes her dissonant, disturbing, frightening instead of attracting, a bit disturbing.

L’uccellino verde

Textile and Text, 2016

Nei miei occhi chiusi vive un uccellino verde. A volte quando li chiudo è già lì, a volte arriva dopo un po’.
A volte ne vedo solo un pezzetto, il sedere che muove le piume, o la testa che becca col becco.
A vederlo così direi che si annoia, ma gli animali non sanno cosa sia la noia, dicono.
Vedesse i colori che vedo io quando li apro, allora sì saprebbe che prima si annoiava.
E invece no, lui cammina e becca, passeggiando da destra a sinistra e da sinistra a destra, in un silenzio piumato e attento, nutrendosi di penombra.

Embroidery on cotton