Text, 2021

In my work often recurs the use of fragments of pre-existing materials, to be rearranged, modified, reinvented, read in a new way, staging for them a new atmosphere and unveiling new meanings.

A.A.A. is a cut up text realized by  collecting ads of men seeking women, published on various Italian newspapers.

Adding or changing nothing of the original ads, they have been rearranged by me into a new single text.

In collaboration with Union Editions this text has been finally re-published as an anonymal ad among other personal ads, on the March issue of a flea newspaper of Palermo,  Il Giornale delle Pulci.

On Union’ website are on sale 100 copies of the newspaper at its original price.
The work has also been shown as a projection on October 2021 during an event organized by Union.

Listen to Giuseppe Garrera talking of this work here
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