About Aprile

Aprile is a side project of my work in which I design and create one-of-a-kind textile pieces or limited numbered editions.

The name Aprile corresponds to the symbolic choice of the sweet month of April, in which nature begins to give us confidence in a new beginning, the temperatures are milder but still not as exhausting as the summer ones, the days get longer, our mood leaves the winter greyness and nature begins to surround us again with colors. A month of rebirth of nature, cheerful and optimistic.
In Aprile, you will find many colors, designed to convey vitality, playfulness and irony. Or sometimes quiet, as in the case of the large white wallhangings.

Aprile was born from the belief that the world does not need new products or to consume more, but different products and a different way of consuming, more aware of the origin of what you buy and the know-how behind it, and more personal, guided by the choice to surround oneself with objects charged with a value and symbolic result.

In Aprile you won’t find unlimited numbers of each piece, but only unique pieces or limited numbered series.
This is also because I claim for myself the freedom to continue to follow my inspirations, which change with mood and with time, not repeating myself. For you it means having a unique object, which intercepts and shares a moment of my production.

Aprile pieces are intended for people who are aware, ironic, open to the new and to a way of thinking independent of fashions, who are not afraid to stand out, who give a symbolic value to the objects they choose to surround themselves with, who recognize the added value of handmade items as well as the value of the chance of a direct relationship with who makes them.

You can contact me to get to know me, to get information, or to think of a piece together.

If you are interested in a custom artwork or a non-identical version of something you have seen previously
contact me.

Abitare non significa essere circondato da qualcosa
né occupare una certa porzione dello spazio terrestre. (…)
Non è certo per proteggerci dalle intemperie che costruiamo case (…)
Ogni casa è una realtà puramente morale:
costruiamo case per  accogliere in una forma di intimità la porzione di mondo  – fatta di cose, persone, animali, piante,atmosfere, eventi, immagini e ricordi – che rendono possibile la nostra stessa felicità.
Emanuele Coccia, Filosofia della casa, Einaudi